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St James Road, Harpenden.

Complete home transformation.

JWBA were contacted by the clients for this project prior to them completing on the purchase of it. However it was clear from the very beginning that our minds were in tune and once the sale had gone through we were appointed and design works began.

The existing house was a cramped three bedroom home with a very small family bathroom. Upon entering the house you were immediately faced with the staircase, you then walked through the living room to get to the kitchen where there was a single door out to the garden.

The final design is a stark contrast to the above and now provides a spacious entrance hall with WC, a separate snug / formal lounge, a light filled corridor with views right through to the garden and an impressive open plan kitchen, dining and family room space. A newly positioned staircase takes you right from the ground floor through to the room within the loft creating a genuine sense of a three storey property.

The project was completed in December 2020 despite all of the challenges faced during the pandemic. It is hoped I will be able to get some final photographs in the Spring once the weather gets better and the landscaping starts to mature.






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