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Little Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Self build home by JW.
The opportunity to create a home for many generations.

This project is located in the green belt, deep within the Hertfordshire countryside. We explored the conversion of an existing barn under CLOPUD however it was deemed by the council during the earlier stages that this project would require a full planning application.


The aim of the build was to create a home for all generations, adopting many of the 'Lifetime Home' principles. The design includes level thresholds, open plan living spaces, toilets facilities at ground level, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The existing barn was dismantled carefully, allowing us to re-use and up-cycle many of the materials on the proposed new build.


Budget was a big consideration, the project took 15 months on site and almost all the work was carried out by our own JW.


The project is now complete minus the landscaping which will be carried out during spring 2019.

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