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Danesbury Park, Bengeo, Hertford.

A contemporary makeover to a tired, inefficient 90's home. 

When the clients approached me on this project they were just in the process of buying the property but were keen to move quickly in turning the house into their home.


The existing house was already large and had also been extended previously but lacked any character or flow... it had lots of rooms but all of which were quite small.

The main driver with the new design was to rationalise the space; make the house work harder and more efficiently. We retained what we could and reorganised the rest to drastically improve the layouts at both ground and first floor. 

The project involved a small single storey side extension and then a large first floor side and rear extension over the top of an existing garage and rear extension. The result is a striking, contemporary new appearance to the home.

Following a successful tender process, the contractor started work in the summer of 2022. Works completed early in 2023.






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