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Cravells Road, East Common, Harpenden.

Re-organising an amalgamation of previous extensions to create a single family home.

When first visiting this site, it was clear that the original Victorian property had been extended multiple times - more than tripling the homes original footprint. 

The big challenge on this project was navigating the rabbit-warren of spaces and reorganising them to create a series of spaces that felt purposeful and meant. With no dedicated circulation space, previously you were required to walk through rooms to get to the next one and the next one; the new design had to provide a coherent, rational layout that worked with the families lifestyle and needs. 

The final design now provides a new kitchen / dining / family room space, a separate formal lounge, a large playroom, office space and 'bootility' area with shower room. 

The building works were completed in early 2022. 






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