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These are guidelines that are continously developing to ensure that buildings are made to a minimum quality standard for such things as structure, fire escape, drainage, ventilation and insulation. 


As a set of drawings these are separate to planning permission and normally come about once planning approval has been gained and technical design has commenced.


Unlike planning permission these drawings are handled by approved building inspectors whom 'sign off'  drawings in principle and then conduct physical inspections to ensure the works are carried out correctly.


Our works on these will not start until planning approval is granted to ensure that we are not wasting your money and our own time.

Our service...



  • Technical design drawings progressed post planning approval


  • Drawing package that can be used for building control submission but also tender - so that builders can price accurately and offer quotes.


  • Drawings will be accompanied by a set of architectural notes demonstrating the designs compliance to current Building Regulations.


See technical design samples here

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