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Bayford, Hertfordshire.

Small but clearly defined extensions used to transform the existing house.

A very local project to me and one that had its fair share of ups and downs. 

The original house had already been heavily extended circa. 25 years ago. These extensions had used up nearly all of the extension potential allowable within the Green Belt. 

We opted to utilise permitted development to secure small, single storey side and rear extensions. Combined with internal alterations to the existing footprint, we were able to create a mix of open plan, social spaces and more defined, closed off private areas. New utility, WC and office spaces were also created to ensure the home functioned as well as it looked.

A contemporary aesthetic was adopted for the extensions but in a way that complimented the original house. Extensive landscaping was also completed to help create the full 'indoor / outdoor' living experience.

The building works were completed in the summer of 2022. 






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